Moringa Powder


Our hygienically packed Moringa Leaf Powder is 100% organic – no artificial additives.

It is finely harvested, dried and ground into fine powder. Because the powder is unprocessed and natural, extensive cooking and heating will reduce the enzymatic nature.
You only need to sprinkle a tea spoon over your meal before eating or add into your pot of soup/stew after cooking.


  • 01 HARVEST

    Moringa leaves are harvested from out farms located in the Western and Northern regions of Nigeria.

  • 02 WASH

    Harvested leaves are washed with treated water to remove farm dirt.

  • 03 DRY

    Harvested leaves are air-dried under hygienic room temperature conditions.

  • 04 GRIND

    Dried leaves are grounded into fine powder - smooth to touch and easily to dissolve in water.

  • 05 PACKAGE

    Lastly, the leaf is packaged under hygienic conditions for your healthy consumption 🙂

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