Moringa Tea


Our Moringa Tea is a fine blend of Moringa Leaf (90%) and Lemon grass (10%).
The lemon grass is added because of its high medicinal value.


Daily consumption of Moringa tea gets you started everyday with a healthy tone. 
Average brewing time for the Moringa Tea is 3 minutes.

Tea can be consumed with or without milk and sweeteners like sugar and honey.


  • 01 HARVEST

    Moringa leaves are harvested from out farms located in the Western and Northern regions of Nigeria.

  • 02 WASH

    Harvested leaves are washed with treated water to remove farm dirt.

  • 03 DRY

    Harvested leaves are air-dried under hygienic room temperature conditions.

  • 04 GRIND

    Dried leaves are grounded into tea powder - quick to brew in water.

  • 05 PACKAGE

    Lastly, the leaf is packaged under hygienic conditions for your healthy consumption 🙂

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