Shea Butter

According to research, 80 seconds! is how long it takes for what you apply on your skin to get into your bloodstream. Our skin absorbs an average of 64% of total products you apply on it *.
The skin is the largest organ in the body and we must pay close attention to the ingredients in our skin care products. Your body lotion does not just sit on your skin, it is absorbed into the blood – very fast.
Shea butter is a skin and hair butter that extracted from the seeds of the Shea tree. Shea Butter provides the skin with the necessary nourishment needed for healthy collagen production, protection from UV sunlight rays and the essential vitamins A, E and F.
It is also used to protect the hair from split ends and breakage by providing protective sealing. It serves as a great anti-dandruff butter as it lubricates the scalp thereby preventing drying out and scaling of the skin.


Luzzon shea butter is the finest blend of Shea butter. It is an organic and natural skin care product formulated to give your skin and hair the glow it deserves.
Luzzon shea butter also comes in the Luzzon Classic variant that is enriched with Moringa seed oil and honey … so much skin goodness!


Luzzon Shea Butter

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